Monday, May 14, 2012

Pearl Queen

Hi, guys! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! We had great weather over here on the east coast this weekend --- not too hot, not too cool, so on Friday I decided to give my new French Connection sequined jacket a test drive. I asked for this jacket as a birthday gift, and it was delivered :-) The sequins give such a cool opalescent effect to the piece, much like the inside of an oyster, so it looks different depending on the light. I can already see myself wearing it over and over again! 

That night we met up with my brother for dinner and a party in the city. He suggested a place I've been hearing great things about: Cafeteria on 7th Ave. We definitely were not disappointed! Apparently they have amazing Mac 'n Cheese... and if you know me, you know I'm a Mac 'n Cheese addict... but, unfortunately, we never got to try it (oh, well. better luck next time). We did, however, have the shrimp risotto, steak, and meatloaf. Wow, best risotto I've ever had! Cafeteria will undoubtedly become a favorite. Great food and a great atmosphere! 

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