Saturday, May 5, 2012

My First Blog Post!

Well, we are officially settled in New Jersey! I am so happy to be back on the East Coast, and as much as I love Dallas and the Bay Area, there's just something about this region of the country that speaks to every aspect of who I am. From the moment I stepped foot in Times Square at 14, I knew I belonged here. And so it begins...

This is such a crazy, amazing, hectic time in my husband's life, and I'm so excited to be experiencing these changes with him, as well as experiencing a few of my own. New city, new beginnings. It feels like we have met so many people and done so many cool things already in a few short weeks, that I know this year is going to truly be a memorable one! There are endless opportunities and ventures in NYC, and I'm beyond eager to embark :-)

So... I ended up here. In the aftermath of my 23rd birthday, I decided to start a blog to catalogue this year (and years to come, I'm sure). Ferry rides, special events, dates with my hubby, football games, family get-togethers, strolls around the city, Sunday brunches, dinners with friends, love affairs with fashion, and everything in between! Cheers!

Welcome to my 23rd year...

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  1. Hey Sigig it's Ash!
    I noted the url of your blog in my memory bank to be checked out and I love it!!
    What an exciting time for you. I too am a fellow blogger and love reading about the adventures of others so I'll definitely be tuned in!!! Best of luck to you as you take over the Empire state!!! See ya soon!!