Monday, June 4, 2012

Our First Anniversary!!

I can hardly believe that Friday, June 1st, marked our very first anniversary! Where did the time go?? The day we got married was a normal day for us: we woke up, decided to scrap all our wedding plans and hit the downtown Dallas courthouse, then went grocery shopping! Lol! Not even kidding. No, it was not some huge, extravagant affair, but it was exactly what we wanted: a private ceremony that focused on the beauty of our union. It was absolutely perfect.

Our first year as a married couple was an exciting one, and pretty much the only time we were apart was during training camp last summer.  It's truly incredible to wake up next to and spend every day with your best friend (and rarely get sick of each other lol). Marriage at a young age may not be for everyone, but it's been rewarding to grow as a person, woman, and wife with him by my side. So cheers to one year down, and forever to go!

Below are a couple pictures from our wedding ceremony, as well as some pictures from our anniversary the other day. Hope you all have an amazing week!


  1. Love yall - wish we had been there to celebrate with you!

  2. Love you both and wish you many many more!!!